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BASF’s Xarvio Announces New Digital Farming Collaboration With WinField United

Farmers and retailers will be able to synchronize data between Xarvio and WinField United platforms.

BASF and WinField United—the crop inputs and insights business of Land O’Lakes, Inc.— have announced a new collaboration that the firms say will ease access to digital farming solutions across multiple platforms for farmers and retailers.

The two companies will establish a single sign-on connection from WinField United’s Atlas platform to the BASF Xarvio digital platforms. This will start with Xarvio Scouting, a mobile application that can identify weeds and diseases with a click of a smartphone. Over time, farmers and retailers will also have the ability to synchronize data between the Xarvio and WinField United platforms, saving time with data entry while combining agronomic insights into one place, according to the companies.

“Given the tremendous workloads retailers and growers carry out, both groups will be pleased with the ease of use made possible through this collaboration,” said Paul Rea, senior vice president, BASF agricultural solutions North America, in a company news release. “WinField United customers will be able to utilize Xarvio systems without having to create new credentials, enhancing their experience with both platforms.”

Leading in advanced analytics and agronomic artificial intelligence, Xarvio products help growers optimize crop production efficiency and improve their bottom line, while providing growers with field-level and zone-based solutions, according to BASF officials. Farmers will be able to access this information through their retailer’s Atlas portal. Atlas, WinField United’s online retail portal, allows retailers to tailor data, insights, and other pertinent information to their farmers through their branded website, according to Winfield United officials. Together, Xarvio and Atlas will enhance data standardization and synchronicity to increase the overall performance of the digital ag tools, according to the firms.

“As a farmer-owned co-op, we are always pushing the envelope to bring new solutions that offer distinct value and benefits to our members,” said Teddy Bekele, Land O’Lakes chief technology officer in a company news release. “Interaction between these platforms can augment field activities by helping retail agronomists advise the community of growers they work with to help address growers’ most urgent needs.”

The two companies plan to expand the agronomic data links between Xarvio and WinField United platforms through application programming interface (API). This function would allow for the user’s Xarvio Scouting data to consolidate into new insight offerings for Atlas users, such as providing regional-level risk and heat maps to help growers stay on top of pest pressure in their area, according to the firms.

The single sign-on connection will be available to Atlas users in time for the 2020 growing season, according to the companies.

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