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Hagie AirScout Sprayer Goes On Tour

A joint venture between Hagie Manufacturing and AirScout marries field prescription services with timely application management. The result is a specially designed AirScout Edition of the 2016 Hagie STS16 Sprayer, which will be on tour this summer across the Midwest.

The custom sprayer enables prescriptions built with AirScout tools and imagery to be wirelessly transmitted to a Hagie sprayer for precise application and management. Combining insight and action, the Hagie AirScout Edition provides a farmer with a full picture of his crop’s health, as well as the tools to manage potential and existing plant disease. 

The sprayer employs AirScout’s thermal and ADVI (Advanced Digital Vegetation Index) imagery and online tools to build precise prescription maps, which are communicated to the sprayer, utilizing Slingshot by Raven. The sprayer will also include 360 Yield Center’s Undercover and Y-Drop devices to deliver the application exactly where needed.

The Hagie AirScout Edition’s tank is divided into four sections with a plumbing manifold that allows various loading options. The machine’s dual pumps and manifolds allow for two entirely different application processes to occur at the same time. 

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