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FMC announces new Arc farm intelligence platform

Proprietary mobile platform provides real-time data that predicts insect pressure one week in advance.

FMC Corporation has announced the launch of Arc farm intelligence, a new precision agriculture platform that enables growers and advisers to more accurately predict pest pressure before it becomes a problem, according to FMC officials. 

FMC officials say Arc farm intelligence is the first mobile platform to use predictive modeling based on real-time data to help ensure the right crop protection products are applied precisely as needed to improve sustainability, optimize crop yield, and enhance grower return on investment (ROI), say FMC officials. 

“Farmers rely on data and information every day to make critical decisions about protecting their crops from destructive insects, disease, and weeds,” said Mark Douglas, president and CEO-elect of FMC, in an FMC news release.  “Arc farm intelligence raises the game in predictive modeling and analytics, enabling our team to provide advisers and growers with crop protection advice and insights faster, easier, and in a smarter way. Delivering better information to growers increases sustainability, adds value, strengthens relationships, and promotes more business opportunities.”

The platform offers a full suite of features, including customized alerts through a mobile app to indicate when action is needed in a field, two-way communication with FMC agronomists, reliable data, and high-quality graphics, including graphs and heat maps. Arc farm intelligence has been engineered with open APIs and can easily be plugged into growers’ existing digital ecosystems. 

“Our first offering under the Arc farm intelligence platform utilizes aggregated historical data, entomological models, hyper-local weather data, and real-time regional pest mapping to increase a grower’s confidence when making insect management decisions,” said Sara Sterling, director of precision agriculture at FMC, in an FMC news release. “Powered by advanced scouting and machine learning, this tool predicts insect pressure one week in advance with more than 90% confidence for key insects in select crops.”

The platform will be launched commercially next week in Greece for cotton, and it is being piloted in other countries, including Brazil, Spain, and the United States, on a broad range of crops from brassicas to corn to lettuce. 

FMC officials say Arc farm intelligence is the latest addition to FMC’s Precision Agriculture solutions, which are designed to ensure the right crop protection products are applied exactly where and when they are needed to increase sustainability. 

They also are designed to optimize yield quality and quantity and improve ROI. Other FMC Precision Agriculture solutions include 3RIVE 3D application technology, an at-plant crop protection delivery system that helps growers efficiently cover more ground in less time with fewer refills – saving water, fuel, labor, and time; and Precision Pac solutions, a dispensing system that minimizes waste with custom herbicide blends specific to each grower’s field size and weed spectrum.

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