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Better Track Grain With The Latest Digi-Star Tools

If you’re using Digi-Star’s GT 460 Scale Indicator and External Radio Modem (ERM) Wi-Fi module, their latest releases - the Grain Tracker App and Grain Tracker Online - will help you better track grain.

“These tools will provide added flexibility and precision for producers,” says Kevin Klubertanz, Digi-Star General Manager. “The App, for iOS and Android, lets them easily view and control their GT 460 scale indicators from their phones or tablets. Grain Tracker Online enables them to store and access harvest data from any device with internet access.”

The Grain Tracker App interfaces with the Digi-Star web server, which allows users to sync records in the Grain Tracker PC software program or the new Grain Tracker Online. The Grain Tracker App is free with the purchase of Digi-Star’s ERM Wi-Fi module. Grain Tracker Online will be free for one year and available for a nominal annual fee after that.

“Combine operators can have remote control of the scale during loading to calibrate the combine yield monitor, edit field locations, change trucks and more,” notes Klubertanz. “Truck drivers can easily see the weight of grain being loaded to help them maintain safe and legal road weights. We designed these products to help producers make informed decisions and eliminate guesswork for improved land management, efficiency and profitability.”

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