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Maintain Your Fertility Budget While Maximizing Production With the Latest Tool From DuPont Pioneer

Budget-minded growers looking to increase yields yet not increase their fertility budget now have a new tool to achieve that goal. DuPont Pioneer’s Encirca Yield Fertility Service creates precise input modeling for phosphorus, potassium, and lime and allows growers to make real-time modifications to fertility plans based on field and zone-specific needs, fertilizer budgets, and yield goals.

“Nutrient applications are a significant investment for growers each season, and a single-rate approach to fulfill crop-nutrient needs across an entire field often leaves yield or money on the table,” says Steve Reno, DuPont Pioneer vice president, regional director – U.S. & Canada. “By utilizing the Encirca Yield Fertility Management Service, growers can see the precise impact that different input levels have on both fertility and cost on a per-acre basis.”

Managing phosphorus, potassium, and lime can boost the plant’s photosynthetic capabilities, help plants resist drought, improve soil pH balance, and enhance overall plant quality. The service provides new insights into these major nutrients that can have a significant impact on profitability each season.

Growers also can model different application scenarios and see the results in real time. Optimize the allocation of your nutrient budget by generating customized fertility plans for similarly grouped land parcels, even ones under temporary control or newly acquired parcels with limited field history. Results are easily shared with DuPont Pioneer agronomists and applicators.

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