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Raven Enhances Hawkeye Nozzle Control System

The Hawkeye Nozzle Control System, from Raven Industries’ Applied Technology Division, is getting some improvements. Enhancements include virtual section capability, Sidekick Pro direct injection compatibility, new sprayer kits, and Hawkeye HD.

Hawkeye HD

With Hawkeye HD growers will be able to turn individual nozzles on and off. If you currently use Hawkeye, you can upgrade to HD with a simple unlock to take advantage of this feature.

Virtual Section Capability

The Virtual Section Capability feature is on the Hawkeye base system and provides more section control and a higher ROI than traditional shut-off systems. It allows the operator to program additional sections for on/off control, with up to 16 sections through the Viper 4 field computer.

Sidekick Pro Direct Injection Compatibility

Get greater flexibility in your applications with Sidekick Pro direct injection compatibility. With this feature additional chemicals can be injected in the line as needed, without worrying about tank mixing or clean out. Hawkeye can now handle up to five injection systems on one machine when used with a Viper 4 field computer. 

New Sprayer Kits

If you own a Case IH, AGCO, New Holland, Miller, or Equipment Technologies sprayer, you can now retrofit your machine with a Hawkeye system. Look for John Deere and Fast Nitrogen applicators to be added to the list soon.

To get a trial unlock for HD, contact your Raven dealer or visit raven to learn more.        

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