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Tech Tip: Have the Ability to Make Game-Time Decisions

As weather patterns become more extreme, the planting window narrows. If the weather is changing and you’re not sure when you’re going to be able to get to a field, you really don’t want to be waiting at the end of a field for someone to show up with a thumb drive.

“You may write a seed prescription in February, but by the time April 10th, or May 10th or even June comes around, that prescription may change two or three times,” says Joel Wipperfurth, director of e-business for WinField United. “In those instances, farmers need to make a game time decision.”

Having a cloud connected cab to your trusted advisor who can change the prescription for seeding rate to more adequately match when that field is going to be planted becomes a really important piece in helping you make that last-minute call.

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