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Trimble, Claas to develop next-gen precision system for Claas ag equipment

Trimble and Claas have developed a strategic alliance that will enable them to create the next generation precision farming system for Claas tractors, combines, and forage harvesters in Europe. The system is designed to offer one common user interface to reduce the complexities of using separate displays with different user interfaces in the cab.

System Components

Included in the system is the new Claas Cemis 1200 smart display, the GPS Pilot steering system, and the SAT 900 GNSS receiver.

The Cemis display uses Trimble's embedded modular software architecture for positioning, steering, and ISOBUS technology, which allows for a seamless connection to control and monitor implements in the field. This architecture accelerates the development of a customized precision agriculture system by linking Claas’ machine interface and Trimble’s guidance capabilities into one common in-cab user experience.

"As an experienced, innovative and global provider of precision agriculture solutions, Trimble was our first choice as a technology partner," says Dr. Carsten Hoff, managing director, Claas E-Systems. "Precision farming systems from Trimble have been field proven worldwide over the course of two decades. In addition, Trimble, supported by its subsidiary Müller-Elektronik, brings outstanding expertise in ISOBUS technology, which allows a display to control the machine and implement.”

The Cemis 1200 display connects with the GPS Pilot system and SAT 900 GNSS receiver, based on the Trimble NAV-900 guidance controller, for positioning and steering capabilities. This provides sub-meter repeatable accuracy for tillage, broad-acre seeding, spraying, and harvest. To achieve up to 2.5 centimeter pass-to-pass accuracy without a base station, users can subscribe to SATCOR, the Claas-branded correction service from Trimble, for even greater accuracy.

"We understand the operators’ complexities of using separate displays with different user interfaces in the cab running the machine and performing precision farming tasks," says Jim Chambers, vice president of Trimble Agriculture. "Working in tandem with Claas, we have jointly developed a next-generation precision farming system designed around—one common user interface—to provide Claas operators the best-in-class customer experience.”

Currently, the precision farming system is available for the Claas TRION and is expanding into the Lexion, Arion, Axion and Jaguar in the European market. To learn more visit,

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