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Access Data From Raven Slingshot Within Trimble's Connected Farm

Users of Trimble’s Connected Farm can now wirelessly transfer their task data and as-applied maps through Raven’s Slingshot system. By tapping into the Slingshot API, Connected Farm is able to communicate with Raven field computers, such as the Viper Pro and Viper 4, to wirelessly transfer field data and locate equipment in the field. The integration between the two companies will provide growers a more complete picture of their field activities and enable them to make real-time decisions for variable-rate prescriptions, work orders, and resource deployment.

As a Web-based solution, Connected Farm integrates data from multiple precision farming technologies so growers can view information from field activities such as planting, spraying, or harvesting – without having to physically visit each field or hand compile information. In Connected Farm, data from a wide range of machine makes and models combined with commodity markets data, weather forecasts, rainfall totals, and irrigation monitoring offer growers an easy-to-use platform for total farm management. Growers can access the integrated data on the Connected Farm dashboard ­­using any Web-enabled device.

With this integration, users who subscribe to Slingshot will be able to automatically transfer data from their Slingshot Web accounts and Raven’s field computers into Trimble’s Connected Farm.

Slingshot offers reliable, high-speed connectivity via cell technology, cloud-based data transfer and management, data security, and wireless RTK corrections. The Slingshot API is intended for growers, retailers, agronomists and independent software vendors alike to share agronomic data in a secure, controlled manner. This means the grower has the ability to utilize any software program to upload/download agronomic data from the tractor to the office using Slingshot.

“Farmers should have a choice in the brands and solutions they use in their operation,” says Joe Denniston, vice president of Trimble’s agriculture division. “Pulling data from multiple sources and delivering it in a manner that allows for timely decision making is critical for managing costs. With this integration, growers can now access all of their Trimble and Raven data from one central location in Connected Farm to enable improved decisions from the office and the field.”

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