Ag-Analytics Partners with Climate FieldView Digital Ag Platform

Partnership will enable farmers to connect their FieldView account with Ag-Analytics to create customizable profit maps.

Ag-Analytics has announced a partnership of its flagship ProfitLayers tool and The Climate Corporation’s FieldView digital farming platform.

Through this partnership, growers can connect their FieldView account with Ag-Analytics to create customizable profit maps from their own precision ag data. Company officials say this will enable users to perform advanced subfield analytics to better understand sources of profits and losses, as well as variety and input performance. 

“This integration will allow growers to seamlessly link advanced profit mapping to the FieldView platform to fully leverage their precision ag data in an easy-to-use interface,” said Josh Woodard, CEO of Ag-Analytics, in a company news release.

Company officials say the integration will be an essential value-add for farmers looking to better understand their profits and losses and prepare for a profitable 2020.

“We are committed to delivering digital farming tools that reduce farmers’ risk and provide them with a return on their investment,” said John Raines, chief commercial officer for The Climate Corporation, in a company news release. “This partnership helps farmers translate crop and input performance into dollars and cents, and it’s an excellent example of how two technology providers can work together to meet our customers’ needs.”

The connection will be available on a monthly subscription basis for $0.01/acre with a free 30-day trial. 

First launched in the United States in 2015, officials for The Climate Corporation say FieldView gives farmers a deeper understanding of their fields so they can make more informed operating decisions to optimize yields, maximize efficiency, and reduce risk. FieldView is currently on more than 60 million paid acres across the United States, Canada, Brazil, Europe, and Argentina and on track to achieve more than 90 million paid acres globally this year. 

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