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AGCO App Lets You Transfer Task Data Wirelessly

Go-Task is a newly launched wireless task data transfer solution from AGCO. This mobile app, which is a key product of the company’s Fuse Technologies, wirelessly transfers task data to and from select AGCO machines and supported Farm Management Information Software (FMIS) programs.

Go-Task utilizes AGCO’s existing task data exchange server and sends information directly into your supported FMIS software so you have complete control over who can see your data.

The company’s task data exchange server is currently connected with multiple FMIS programs. As part of AGCO’s open approach, the number of FMIS programs connected to the server will continue to grow.

The app can be used on your iOS 7.0 and above devices including iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

Users can transfer files using their existing data plan. The app can also be configured to use only Wi-Fi networks. The Wi-Fi-only mode can be used on devices that do not have a cell connection.

Go-Task automatically syncs with task data on the terminal when a task is completed or paused.

It can be used on machines using a C1000, C2100, or C3000 terminal. All you will need is a supported wireless USB dongle, a subscription to AGCO’s task data exchange server, and the Go-Task app. 

The app is set to release by January 2016 and will include subscription pricing.

“The new Go-Task Mobile app will provide farmers with a greater level of connectivity within their operation by enabling them to more seamlessly move and manage the task data that is used and produced by their operations,” says Carla Gasparin, manager, product management, Global Off-Board Technologies at AGCO. 

For more information about the Go-Task mobile app, or information about supported FMIS programs and Fuse Technologies, visit

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