Agronomy Tip: Record Data Continually

Ryan Moeller, Technical Seed Agronomist with WinField United, says an important habit to get into is to accurately record as-planted data and there are tools to help you do so.

“At the beginning of the season, capturing where you put those high yield potential, high nitrogen users is key. You will need to know where those are in case you have to go back out and do some side dress fertility there. Same thing with fungicide,” Moeller explains.

Moeller says all hybrids respond differently to fungicide, independent of disease. “What we find is you get anywhere from maybe a couple of bushels or no bushels from spraying a fungicide to upwards of 20 to 30 bushel and that is in absence of disease. A grower must know where those products are so that they can go out and apply fungicides, or maybe not waste their time on putting a fungicide or the additional nitrogen on if it's a product that's not going to give it a response.”

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