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aWhere to Provide Agricultural Intelligence Data

aWhere is working with DN2K to provide advanced agricultural intelligence and decision support to SageInsight’s MyAgCentral customers.

“aWhere provides high-quality dependable data," says Susan Lambert, CEO of SageInsights. "This is critical for agricultural decisions and risk management, especially when our customers have their livelihoods on the line due to weather variability and crop health.”

Data provided to MyAgCentral will include crop consultants, ag retailers and growers for more informed decision making. Agricultural weather data and agronomic modeling services will be accessible as well. 

“We call this weather and agronomic data combined Agricultural Intelligence,” says John Corbett, CEO of aWhere. “Farmers don’t need more data, they need smart data delivered to them in an understandable format enabling them to make the best in-field decisions for their farming practices.” 

aWhere data is utilized by the MyAgCentral application to provide useful information for critical planting, crop management, and harvesting decisions on one’s operation. 

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