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Do You Know Where Your Data Goes?

Whether it's your fields, your crops or your equipment, there are millions of bits of data being generated on your farm through the various technologies you've invested in through the years. Yet, a recent survey by the American Farm Bureau revealed that an overwhelming number of farmers do not know what happens to their data after they adopt a new technology.

A consortium of farm organizations and agricultural technology providers met recently to address the issue. They first established a set of Data Principles, which is the Privacy and Security Principles for Farm Data. The consortium then moved on to develop a tool that can help farmers understand the key provisions in their contracts with providers regarding ownership, usage, and data sharing.

What emerged is the Ag Data Transparency Evaluator. This tool analyzes terms and conditions based on a set of 10 questions that boil lengthy contracts down to simple yes or no answers. By doing this, farmers can quickly and easily determine the answers to many of their concerns about their farm data. 

"If a farmer wants to dig deeper into any particular question, the answers include a hyperlink to the actual contract terms," says Todd Janzen, Janzen Agricultural Law LLC.

Products that go through the Evaluator and meet the criteria established by the data principles will receive a seal, certifying that they are "Ag Data Transparent." 

"When farmers are shopping for technology products, they can be confident that when they see the seal the ag technology provider's data and technology contracts mean what they say," notes Janzen.

You can learn more about the Ag Data Transparency Evaluator, a searchable database of products, and the Data Principles by visiting

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