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Seed Companies Changing Business Strategy with Big Data

Seed Changes

Beck’s Hybrids is placing Kinze multi-hybrid planters in key Corn Belt states. In 2014, Kinze provided three 4900 series single-row, multi-hybrid concept planters in this program.

So why is a seed company getting into the planter business? Again, small-ball tools are at work in discerning seed planting and placement within a field. 

“This is where big data is heading,” says OSU’s Scott Shearer. “If you plant two hybrids in a field with the intent of matching genetics with the soil landscape, that might be worth $50 to $60 per acre. You put an offensive hybrid in some areas and a defensive one in another area. Why would you put drought-tolerant hybrids in an area of the field that’s not as prone to drought?”

Meanwhile, Oklahoma State University scientists are researching how producers might control corn canopy architecture. When corn leaves face perpendicular to the direction of the row through corresponding seed placement in the furrow, OSU researchers discovered a 14% yield spike. 

You may not have given much thought to seed orientation in the furrow. However, a 14% difference in yields could perk your interest, Shearer says. 

This story is a segment of "Playing Small Data = Agronomic Success." Click the link to see full story and other related content.

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