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Will Consumers Accept Fake Meat?

Earlier this year, agriculture marketing firm Charleston/Orwig commissioned an independent food study of 500 consumers nationwide.

Among the questions they asked were a few about the acceptance of both cultured meats and plant-based protein products.

The researchers say that while the concept of lab-grown meat might be familiar to those working in food and agriculture, consumers may not be ready for the concept, as the circular chart below shows.


The bar chart below breaks out reservations consumers have. Research partner Maeve Webster of Menu Matters points out that the top concerns of consumers might be lack of awareness of an early-stage product.


The fact that 36.5% of those surveyed see cultured meat as a threat to farmers is intriguing and worthy of more research.

Plant-based protein products get a different response, according to this research. When asked if they would try a plant-based product that had the texture and taste of meat, 49% of shoppers said maybe or yes. This compares to 19% who said maybe or yes to cultured meat. Some 20% of younger consumers (18 to 24 years old) said yes definitely to plant-based protein, versus 3% of those ages 55 to 64.


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