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MapShots Unveils Latest Version of Harvest Entry

The latest version of MapShots’ Harvest Entry app has been released for Android and iOS devices. This app lets you record harvest data for both on-farm and commercial loads. It also extends the functionality of the MapShots AgStudio Commodity Inventory module by giving producers an offline, mobile way to record harvest information.

With the app, farmers can record information in the field or at the grain elevator without using an Internet connection. When they return to the office, users can synchronize the app to the AgStudio software database to merge all of the information.

"Producers can use the Harvest Entry app to enter load information including facility, vehicle, timestamp, weights, and adjustment information such as moisture or turnout," says Doug Mills, business manager at MapShots. "The Harvest Entry app is a value-added application MapShots provides to our customers, free of charge."

MapShots AgStudio software is a record-keeping solution built to handle automated precision farming data and conventional, manually-entered data within the same platform. The Harvest Entry app adds flexibility to the this platform by allowing users to track as much or as little information as they wish.

To download the Android app, visit The iOS app can be found by visiting the Apple store.

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