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App Will Assess Grain Cart Data in Real Time

There’s a new home for grain cart yield data: the REAP app from Scale-Tec. Using the Digi-Star scale systems and a bluetooth device, this new app will take yield data directly from the field and put it into your hands.

App users can add as many growers, farms, and fields as they’d like to keep track of grain harvested. If anyone with sharing privileges is within 300 feet of the grain cart, the user can share the live scale weight with that person directly in the field. By taking advantage of the new Digi-Star GT560 and moisture sensor, the app will even convert grain cart weight to dry bushel at the request of the user. 

Taking a quick inventory of storage capacities and deliveries just got easier with the REAP app since it pulls in that data and even keeps a log of truckloads being taken out of the field directly.

Getting data to your federal crop insurance agent should be a breeze with the help of the REAP web dashboard and app. Users can download their USDA common land unit data from their FSAFarm+ account and then upload that data into the REAP dashboard, effectively eliminating manual data entry errors. Annual production history (APH) can easily be created for insurance agents with the USDA and REAP data combination. 

“We have developed a user interface on our web dashboard that allows the farmer to pick out their USDA field numbers on a map by clicking on them and associating them with the field name they are familiar with,” says Nick Von Muenster, Scale-Tec vice president. “Our REAP system associates the common field name from the farmer and the USDA info to give the production history based off the grain cart weight data.” 

Any Digi-Star scale system 2011 and newer that has an available serial port connector can connect to the Scale-Tec system, REAP. 

The app will make its official debut at the 2016 Farm Progress Show on August 30. 

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