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Real-Time Technical Support App for Farmers in the Field

The TeamViewer QuickSupport Android-based app, which simplifies remote technical support for farm machinery operations, is now available on the Trimble TMX-2050 display. The app lets you connect with your Trimble reseller and receive assistance without waiting for a technician to visit the farm. Users share what is happening on their screen for troubleshooting with machine guidance, steering, or GNSS-related issues.

Key features of the QuickSupport app include:

  • Ability to share the TMX-2050 display screen via secure Web connection with dedicated support personnel for faster problem resolution.
  • Dashboard to show support team metrics for the TMX-2050 device, including firmware versions, usage information, and network settings, all of which can enable technicians to better diagnose the issue.
  • Chat options that can enable easier communication in loud operating environments.
  • Ability to transfer files such as screen snaps and log files between the TMX-2050 user and support personnel to more clearly communicate what the machine operator is seeing and experiencing.


“We know that even the simplest technical questions about machine settings and calibrations can cause delays and impact production for our customers,” says Pierre-Andre Rebeyrat, marketing director for Trimble’s Agriculture Division. “The QuickSupport app will be a very useful tool for our resellers to provide the fastest resolution to questions and troubleshoot issues that arise in the field.”

The app, which is free for TMX-2050 users, is available worldwide and can be downloaded on the TMX-2050 display from App Central marketplace. Remote support requires both the TMX-2050 user and the Trimble reseller to install and license TeamViewer QuickSupport. For more information, visit

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