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National Land Realty (NLR) and LandGate (LG) have announced a strategic partnership to expand services, data intelligence, and marketing capabilities within the land industry.

The combination of LG’s data intelligence and NLR’s network of agents will create a leading marketplace for all land transactions with the largest number of listings from farmers, ranchers, and landowners.

The partnership will provide an estimated value for every parcel of land including multiple resource segments such as minerals, solar, wind, water, recreation, and more. The valuations, nearby listings, and sales are provided to both buyers and sellers for transparent and easy online market transactions.

“LandGate has developed incredible tools and valuation models for mineral, wind, solar, water, and other resource segments that will allow National Land to offer our customers an end-to-end source for land services,” Jason Walter, CEO of National Land says. “We are looking forward to adding additional resource listings to our site and beginning to incorporate mineral and resource data for a new and exciting platform.”

LandGate was founded in 2016 in Denver, Colorado. It is a marketplace for mineral, solar, wind, water, and property rights, and provides free data intelligence to landowners and buyers. The company has digitized land resources valuations and applies its technology to provide an online marketplace, appraisal services, and SaaS solutions.

“National Land Realty has an incredible nationwide network of real estate agents specializing in land, farms, and ranches. Based on proprietary algorithms, LandGate has developed data intelligence for all the land resources for each parcel in the U.S. NLR agents will bring the power of knowledge to landowners, informing them of the market value of their property. The deal flow to the combined marketplace will benefit both sellers and buyers in a multi-trillion dollar land resources market,” Yoann Hispa, CEO of LandGate says.

National Land Realty is a real estate land brokerage company specializing in farm, ranch, country estates, timber, recreational, and commercial development properties. NLR’s portfolio includes the land touring technology, Land Tour 360, as well as its GIS land mapping system, LandBase, which catalogs land data. NLR was founded in Greenville, South Carolina, in 2007.

“The integrated services offered by our partnered companies will change the game for the land industry,” Craig Kaiser, president of LandGate says. “There will now be a go-to platform for all things land and resource-related. It’s the Zillow for land resources. LandGate provides the Zestimates for NLR agents. This critical information will help landowners list their property rights with confidence.”

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