Seven Farm Robotic Concepts

  • The Robots Are Coming!

    The Robots Are Coming!

    As robots continue to move into ag at an ever-increasing pace, they will bring new levels of efficiency and safety, create better working environments, and fill positions most cannot, should not, or will not do. Following are seven concepts that could be coming to a farm near you.

  • Prospero

    Developed by David Dorhout, Prospero is a working prototype of an autonomous microplanter that combines swarm and game theories. Sensors let the robot know if a seed has been planted in an area at optimal spacing and depth. “Prospero can dig a hole, plant a seed, cover the seed with soil, and apply pre-emergence fertilizers and herbicides,” he says.

  • Grizzly

    Clearpath Robotics Grizzly RUV is an all-terrain, autonomous utility vehicle. Part tractor and part robot, the 80-hp. machine is an all-electric, 1-ton vehicle with a maximum payload of 1,320 pounds. It has a maximum speed of 12 mph. Cruising run time is 12 hours; towing run time is three hours.

  • Rosphere

    About the size of a hamster ball, an experimental robot called Rosphere may one day be rolling into fields to monitor crops.  Developed by the Robotics and Cybernetics Research Group at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, its spherical shape gives it the ability to move over uneven terrain and through a crop without damaging it.

  • Bin Bot

    Bin Bot
    South Dakota farmer and inventor Jerome Mack developed Bin Bot to replace farmers and workers in grain bins. Operated by wireless remote control, the Bin Bot weighs about 550 pounds, will lift over 400 pounds, and can push a full-size pickup truck around a parking lot.

  • Rowbot

    Rowbot, by Minneapolis-based Rowbot Systems LLC, is an articulated robot intended to apply nitrogen fertilizer in sync with corn needs, interseed cover crops into tall corn, and collect data to make informed in-season decisions as well as plan for future seasons. At 2 feet wide by 7 feet long, this diesel-powered machine is slender enough to fit nimbly between corn rows.

  • Rover

    Robotic Rover is the vision of University of Sydney researchers looking to provide farmers with an alternative to monotonous chores. “We want to use the unmanned ground vehicle as a platform to conduct repetitive tasks such as monitoring pasture cover, herding cows, and monitoring cows through the night for calving and detecting lameness,” says Cameron Clark, University of Sydney.

  • Spirit Tractor

    Spirit Tractor
    Removing the operator from the tractor seat is a concept companies such as Kinze Manufacturing and Autonomous Tractor Corporation have been exploring. “Because mowers are a relatively simple implement, as is the software, we are working to have an autonomous mower available before a tractor or other implement,” says Terry Anderson, Autonomous Tractor Corp. “We hope to have the first commercialized mower available in

From planting to harvest, there is a revolution coming in the way we grow food.

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