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Testing UAV Usefulness in the Field

This summer I’ve been using a quadcopter (UAV) to see how this tool can be helpful not just to me as an agronomist, but how it could benefit the everyday farmer as well. One of our interns, Kalen, has been exploring this same question while using his UAV at our Practical Farm Research (PFR)® facility in London, OH.

We encourage you to check out this week’s video to learn more about our research with UAVs!


At the beginning I was very skeptical if UAVs could earn their keep on a farm. But as we have been conducting this research, I have discovered that UAVs have helped us accomplish things we couldn’t do before and have also helped us be more efficient and effective! Though I’m not naturally a “techy” person, I have been thoroughly impressed with the quality of images, videos and information we have been able to gather from our UAVs.

At Beck’s, we have an expert on staff to answer any questions our customers might have on UAV technology. Jim Love has a great handle on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to UAVs, and has a tremendous amount of knowledge on how they can be useful for farming operations. Jim is an excellent resource for any questions you might have regarding the technology, the various pieces of equipment available and how best to use them on your farm.

If you have any questions on UAVs or would like more information,  you can email Jim Love, UAV Manager and Herbicide Specialist, at or by phone at 317-694-2749.

Have a great week!

Alex Johnson | Field Agronomist

For more Agronomic News from Alex Johnson, certified crop adviser and Field Agronomist, please visit his Agronomy Page at



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