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Trimble Adds Agri-Trend to Its Portfolio

Trimble recently acquired Agri-Trend, a Canadian company that operates a network of over 200 independent ag consultants in the U.S. and Canada. Their areas of expertise include agronomy, precision farming, crop marketing and farm business management. Over 30 science specialists that provide in-house research, training and insight support this team, along with the Agri-Data Solution ( platform. This platform focuses on the unique agronomic challenges farmers face every year as they work to maximize yields and profits, and it will be integrated into Trimble's Connected Farm Advisor.

“Trimble’s acquisition of Agri-Trend is another step toward total farm management for the grower. Together with Connected Farm, we will provide growers and their trusted advisors with a combined offering that is unique in the marketplace today,” says Joe Denniston, vice president for Trimble’s Agriculture Division. “Agri-Trend provides expert advice and decision support for growing crops, marketing commodities, and managing a farm’s finances. Trimble is a leader in precision agriculture technology that precisely applies those decisions whether it is seed, nutrients, or water. Trimble and Agri-Trend will enable the integration of decisions and execution to give greater control over the outcome, resulting in maximized productivity for the grower.”

“Agri-Trend has been working side by side with farmers for over 17 years. With the strength that Trimble provides, we aim to help even more farmers as the move to precision agriculture continues to gain momentum globally,” says Rob Saik, founder of Agri-Trend. “The combination of our advanced agricultural technical expertise and Trimble’s precision agriculture tools provides us with a platform that will support production practices that are sustainable both from an environmental and financial perspective for today’s farmers.”

Agri-Trend Focuses on Key Areas:

1. Crop growth. A network of experienced agronomists serve as a personal Agri-Coach to help farm customers assess every acre. They look at cost of production as well as nitrogen and water use efficiency, interpreting data, and making customized field recommendations. Recommendations are then followed up with field scouting and performance tracking to ensure goals are met.

2. Crop sales. A strategic marketing plan is created that includes business analysis, operational strategy, risk management, and a harvest review. This plan is developed by a Market-Coach who works closely with each client to understand the unique situation of his farm and the cost of production for each field. The farmer is then advised on how to best achieve better selling prices, risk mitigation, and optimal cash flow.

3. Money management. A network of Business-Coach professionals, who are experts in specialized areas, gain an understanding of the farm business and then implement the farmer’s long-term growth plan.

The acquisition is expected to close in November 2015. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Learn more by visiting Trimble at or Agri-Trend at

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