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Shark Farmer Talks Farming, Food, Social Media, and More

As the host of one of North America’s most popular agriculture podcasts, Rob Sharkey is known for speaking his mind. That honesty doesn't end on his podcasts – the Shark Farmer podcast and the What the Farm podcast – it continues in his segments on the Successful Farming TV Show and in his articles for 

Sharkey shares what’s on his mind in the world of farming, food, social media, and more.

Never one to shy away from controversy, his opinions might surprise you, but you’ll never have to wonder what he really thinks. Here are some of our favorite videos and articles from the Shark Farmer himself:

Shark Farmer: What to Call a Hired Farm Hand?

Is calling someone a hired hand offensive? See what Sharkey thinks in this segment.


Shark Farmer: What is an Agvocate?

Do you have to be a farmer to be an advocate for farming? What the heck is an agvocate anyway? 


Shark Farmer: Taking Risks

Sharkey gives his insight about not being afraid to take risks and finding new opportunities.


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More about Rob Sharkey

Sharkey grows corn and soybeans on his fifth generation farm in Bradford, Illinois. While he may be known for his “sharkcasm,” Sharkey is a family man who is driven by the three F’s: faith, family, and farming.

Sharkey and his high school sweetheart, Emily, are raising their four kids to understand where their food comes from and how much work goes into producing that food. That means William, Anita, Evian, and Steven are very familiar with the variety of chores and the hard work that goes hand in hand with being a farmer. 

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