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Successful Farming Television: Farmer Veteran Special

In this special episode, see the winners of the Successful Farming Fighter to Farmer Contest.

To acknowledge and to thank farmer veterans who have served their country twice – once by defending it and now by feeding it – Successful Farming magazine and Grasshopper Mowers teamed up to launch the Fighter to Farmer Contest.

The contest received more than 120 entries from farmer veterans who served in almost every war and conflict from World War II to Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

While each story was different, there were common threads throughout. Hardworking farm kids who felt a duty to serve their country. The difficult balancing act of managing a farm and spending time away from home during training or deployments. The peace that farming brings after the traumas of war.

In this week’s special episode of the Successful Farming Show, you’ll see the stories of the three winners: Captain Michael Nocton, Sergeant First Class David Baumann, and Chief Master Sergeant Robert Huttes.

The show airs on RFD-TV on Thursday at 9/8 p.m. CST, Friday 1/12 a.m. CST, and Sunday at 10/9 p.m. CST. Check your local listings to find RFD-TV in your area.

This episode originally aired November 10, 2016.

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