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Successful Farming Television: Robots, Sharks, Gators, and Deere

The Future of Robots on the Farm (Episode #1103).

The future of agriculture will look very different than it does today. The agBOT Challange is an opportunity for innovators to test robotics against others in real field situations. This week on the Successful Farming Show, Laurie Bedord examines the trends in robotics and how they could drastically change the ways farmers grow their crops.

Rob Sharkey, host of the Shark Farmer and The Farmer and the City Girl podcasts, shares his insights and opinions on the value of new media and how farmers can embrace it to share their stories with consumers.

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On Steel Deals, Machinery Editor Dave Mowitz finds a John Deere 625i Gator utility vehicle with very low hours, and he follows the auction to see what it sells for.

Finally, visit Clear Lake, Iowa, to see the impressive collection of Carroll Etchen. He’s collected several John Deere A’s, and each one has a story.

Show #1103, Premeires November 16, 2017

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