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Successful Farming Television: Rural Broadband

The expansion of broadband communication in rural areas (Episode 1002).

Advanced Technology Editor Laurie Bedord is back on tonight’s episode of Successful Farming Show reporting on the progress in expanding high-speed internet connectivity for rural areas. Data requirements are increasing all the time, and rural broadband limitations have reached their ceiling. Something needs to be done soon to meet the expanding needs on the farm.

Machinery and Technology Executive Director Dave Mowitz travels to a Ritchie Bros. auction in search of a group of 2013 Bobcat S650s on “Steel Deals.” You’ll want to see how a forklift attachment makes quick work of moving fifth-wheel trailers on “All Around the Farm.” And if you enjoy Co-Op tractors, then you’ll love the interview with the “King of Co-Op Collectors,” who shares a few gems in his collection on “Ageless Iron.”

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