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Successful Farming TV: Female Farmers, Antique Tractors, & an Autonomous Soil Sampler

On tonight’s episode of the Successful Farming Show (9/8c on RFD-TV), we travel to Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois to visit with four different female farmers about their triumphs and experiences as growers and ranchers.

Just like any other farmers, these women talk about the struggles of commodity prices, express their great love for the land and concern about regulation, and rave about the generations that farmed and ranched the same ground before them – all from behind the wheel of their pickups. 

Only 14% of primary farm operators are women according to the USDA’s NASS, but these four farmers refuse to let gender stand in their way. See exactly how they view, operate, and teach others about farming and ranching. 

Later, on Steel Deals, we’ll learn about an Oliver 1755 tractor and watch it sell at auction. 

After that, Innovation Showcase winner Troy Fiechter of Brockton, Indiana, will show off his impressive farm invention—an autonomous soil sampler. You’ll get to see just how Smart Core eliminates human error and learn about how Fiechter came up with the idea.

Lastly, we’ll take you to Sigourney, Iowa, to see the expansive Oliver tractor collection featured at the Dumont Museum. 

Don’t miss this great episode of the Successful Farming Television, and make sure to check your local listings to find RFD-TV in your area.

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Originally aired February 2, 2017

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