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H & K Quick Coupler

Laurie looks at the H & K Quick coupler, making tractor hook ups safer. From Machinery SHow #610, Originally aired February 7, 2013


Versatile RT490 Combine

Laurie investigates the Russian made Versatile combine.
From Machinery Show #609, originally aired January 31, 2013


Proman PTO

Laurie checks out the ProManPTO to run a wide assortment of PTO powered tools on your ATV. From Machinery Show #608, originally aired Jan. 24, 2013.


Down draft welding table

Check out this farmer built down-draft welding table, featured on the Machinery Show #608


Ag Leader Hydraulic Down Force

Welcome back and machine show joining us talk about the latest advance in cool tools. Keeping up with what's happening in the field is so critical specially when you're talking about planting. Lori recently caught up with ankle leaders will cannon talk about downforce. And a new product they're



Laurie examines the Cornrower, a combine attachment that prepares corn stover for easier baling. From Machinery Show #607


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