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Meredith Corporation Discussion Group Policy

The Community is a forum for sharing information. We want to provide a forum that will be an educational and enjoyable experience for all of our users, so please read and follow our policies. By participating in our services, you are agreeing to comply with our rules and policies.

Visitor Agreement

By using the Community, you accept the Visitor Agreement for all of You can find and read the Visitor Agreement here.

In addition, please note these policies for the Community:

Children under 13

We are concerned with children’s privacy. Under federal law, children under 13 years old may not participate in our discussion groups.

Your opinions are not necessarily our opinions

Information contributed to our discussion groups and other online services represents the views of the person posting the message and is not necessarily endorsed by Meredith Corporation.

Keep it clean

Please do not place any material on our service that could be considered offensive, indecent, abusive, hateful, harassing, libelous, or unlawful. Our audience tends to be family-oriented (including minors), and we have the right, but not the obligation, to remove, edit, or relocate any content that we feel violates the standards of our site. Because of the real-time nature of our forums, it is not always possible for us to remove offensive material immediately.

Be original

Information that you place on our service must be your own original content. You are responsible for assuring that any material (text, images, multimedia) you provide does not violate, plagiarize, or infringe upon the right of any third party, including copyright, trademark, or proprietary rights. If nonoriginal content is included in your posting, you must obtain permission from the content owner and provide due credit.

No soliciting 

Messages with the purpose of soliciting for business are not permitted with the exception that private individuals may offer or solicit the sale of farm equipment in the forum Machinery Marketing. Individuals and businesses may respond to legitimate requests for specific information in any forum. Members interested in conducting business based on communications found on this site are encouraged to use private message or an off-site communication form, such as email or social media. Forum moderators are the sole determinant of whether a post is considered a solicitation in violation of terms of service.

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