Autumn freeze to October

Much colder temperatures usher in the start of October as dry conditions continue.

The last 12 days have been largely dry across the Corn Belt making this the driest mid-September in 29-plus years for the Corn Belt. While the dryness has minimal consequences for crop quality at this point in the season, unfortunately, this dry pattern is a sign of things to come for next season. Dry conditions are expected to continue, especially across the western Corn Belt, as we head into October.

Temperatures have been running slightly cooler than normal over the past week, but a brief surge of warmer, summer-like weather arrives in the final weekend of September. However, a big cooldown is on the way for the last few days of September and the first days of October, which could have some negative implications for less mature crops in northern locations.


Freezing conditions are looking more likely in the first days of October 2020 across the northern Plains, Great Lakes, and Upper Midwest. While this isn’t much of a concern for mature crops in the heart of the Corn Belt, less mature crops in far northern locations could be at risk. Freezing conditions may continue into the first weekend of October, but temperatures should moderate afterward.

Speaking of moderating, after what was a very active month for tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Basin, we’re catching our breath here at the end of September with a lull in activity. The remnants of Tropical Storm Beta will continue to work their way through the South and then off the East Coast during the last weekend of September. For the first time in weeks, we’ll have no active disturbances or tropical cyclones in the Basin, at least briefly. Don’t expect this to last as forecast models indicate the potential for more storms in the seven- to 14-day period.



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