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Christmas week brings the gift of rain to portions of Brazil

Beneficial rain spread across Brazil but southern areas largely miss out.

Rainfall continued to be spotty across Brazil in the week ending December 17th, 2020, however, there appear to be some favorable changes ahead for at least part of Brazil’s growing region. Argentina continues to be quite dry, in fact, the first half of December 2020 (December 1st through the 17th) has been the 3rd driest such period in 29+ years for Argentina as a whole, according to data from Weathertrends360. Looking ahead, dryness appears to be the overarching theme in Argentina, however, there will be chances of some showers sprinkled into the mid-December period.

As we head into the week of Christmas, it will be dry to start in much of Brazil’s growing regions. However, the week of Christmas will start to bring a most consistent, wetter pattern across much of the Center-West region of Brazil as monsoonal moisture makes a delayed appearance. The challenge will be to see if the monsoon remains active as opposed to this being a momentary relief. A strengthening La Niña does not put the odds in favor of a healthy monsoon season as we have seen thus far. Additionally, southern Brazil will largely miss out on the favorable moisture, with Rio Grande do Sul remaining very dry.


For the week of December 18th to 24th, 2020 Weathertrends360 predicts that the week will begin with beneficial moisture in the growing regions of Argentina as an intensifying storm system moves across the region over the weekend. The storm system could trigger some severe storms with the threat of hail and flooding. This will hardly be a sign of things to come as once this system pushes off the coast by early Christmas week, a much drier regime returns across Argentina.

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