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Monday Maps: Cold front brings relief today but the dog days of summer are here

Heat relaxes but returns later this week; globally, the tropics are quiet.

A hot weekend in the Corn Belt subsides with a couple of days of cooler-than-normal weather. However, the heat returns later in the week and likely sticks around for several days. As we look globally, the tropics are eerily quiet, but this may just be the calm before the storm in the Atlantic as a very active season peaks later in August through early October.

Following a hot weekend for much of the Corn Belt, temperatures ease on Monday due to a cold front. Yet, the respite from the heat will be short-lived as we enter the core of the time of year known as the dog days of summer, which usually coincide with the hottest time of year.

Temperatures will rebound by the latter half of this week and likely stick around for several days. As we look ahead to the fast-approaching month of August, it looks as though the warmer-than-normal pattern will continue for the Corn Belt with increasing chances for drier-than-normal weather as we enter harvest season.

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Elsewhere around the world, the tropics are extremely quiet throughout the world. Tropical cyclone activity will likely end up being much below normal for July 2020 in the Western Pacific. In the Atlantic, consider this the calm before the storm as a developing La Niña, which will contribute to the warmth and developing dryness in the Corn Belt this fall, will help make this a very active hurricane season. The peak of the Atlantic hurricane season typically occurs in mid- to late August through early October.

For agricultural interest outside of the Corn Belt, there is a very high risk for significant crop losses along the north-central Gulf Coast, Florida, and even New England with upwards of 20 named tropical systems this hurricane season.



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