Cold spreads across central and western U.S.

A late-October cold snap will drop temperatures well below normal and bring a snowstorm to the High Plains.

The central and western United States will get a good taste of winter in the beginning of this week as temperatures trend more than 15°F. below normal for a few days, accompanying a snowstorm for areas of the High Plains.

Snowfall is in the forecast as far east as Illinois and Iowa, but the highest accumulations are expected in portions of Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, and northern Texas. With snow falling across the High Plains, total U.S. snow coverage will increase this week as snow is already present in the Dakotas, Minnesota, and northern Wisconsin from last week.


Many are projected to see daytime highs struggle to rise above freezing or out of the 30s. Overnight lows early in the week are forecast to fall into the teens or even single digits for much of the north-central U.S. while areas of the Rockies could see subzero lows, especially in higher elevations. Low and high temperatures, while still trending below normal, should rise a bit by mid- to late week in the central U.S. By the weekend, temperatures are expected to moderate somewhat, although colder-than-normal trends could stick around the south-central U.S. through the weekend.



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