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Dry conditions got worse in many top corn growing states

Dry conditions got worse in some areas as farmers look to start the corn and soybean planting season, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor released March 11.

Iowa, the No. 1 corn producing state, continues to face extreme drought conditions in the northwest part of the state. Just over 10% of Iowa acres are in severe drought. About 55% of the Hawkeye state is abnormally dry.

Across the Mississippi River in Illinois, dry conditions eased slightly compared with the week prior. However, the central part of the state remains abnormally dry. About 4% of the state in the east-central region faces moderate drought.

All of Nebraska faces moisture stress; 80% of the Cornhusker state is in moderate drought, or worse. D3 drought continues to impact about 10 counties in the southwest corner of the state.

Moderate drought conditions grew in Minnesota through the first part of March, now challenging 41% of the state’s acres.

Indiana continues to have fewer drought concerns than many other top growing corn states. However, more than a quarter of the Hoosier state reports abnormally dry conditions. Nearly 9% of the state is in moderate drought.

Dry conditions continued to creep farther south in Kansas the first part of March. Now, 72% of the state is abnormally dry or worse. Extreme drought conditions persist in the northwest region, covering about 10% of the state.

Drought monitor map of Kansas
Photo credit: U.S. Drought Monitor

Severe drought grew to cover about 53% of South Dakota. For parts of five counties in the southeast corner, extreme, or D3 conditions remain.

Moderate drought conditions are now showing up on the latest Ohio drought monitor map in the northwest corner of the state. About the southern 50% of the Buckeye state has sufficient moisture.

Abnormally dry conditions in Missouri grew by about 10% in the first part of March to cover a total of 12% of the state. This is less moisture stress than most Midwest states are facing.

Abnormally dry conditions also grew in Wisconsin. Now, about 92% of the state is facing some moisture stress. Only a handful of counties in the south reported no drought conditions.

Across the Great Lakes, moisture stress also grew in Michigan. Over 3% of the state is in moderate drought now.

For the second week in a row, Kentucky was the only top corn growing state that did not report drought conditions.

All of North Dakota is facing moderate drought or worse headed into planting season. More than 80% of the state is in severe drought.

Map of North Dakota drought conditions
Photo credit: U.S. Drought Monitor

Exceptional drought acreage grew to more than 6% of Texas the first part of March. Drought conditions are significantly worse than a year ago in the Lone Star state.

In Tennessee, abnormally dry conditions are isolated to two spots covering a total of less than 5% of the state. More than 95% of the state has sufficient moisture.

Looking north, Pennsylvania reported 13% of the state is abnormally dry, a jump of more than 10% from the week prior. Dry conditions continue to be focused in the northwest part of the state.

Colorado continues to report nearly 16% of its acreage is in exceptional drought. Moisture concerns impact every acre in the state.

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