Dry pattern prevails in October

While temperatures fluctuate, a persistent dry weather pattern continues into October.

We’re starting October off with frosts and freezing temperatures across the western and northern Corn Belt. Below-normal temperatures are set to continue through the first weekend of October 2020, but moderating temperatures are on the horizon.

The next seven days (October 2-8) will trend the fifth coldest in 29-plus years for the Corn Belt with additional frosts and freezes possible over the first weekend of October. We remain in a very dry weather pattern and this week is forecast to also be the fifth driest in over 29 years. As we head into the mid-October period, however, temperatures will moderate, yet the drier trend will continue.


In the seven- to 14-day period (October 9-15), warmer-than-normal temperatures will return to the Corn Belt and this is forecast to be the second warmest second week of October in more than 29 years for the region. The dry weather pattern is expected to continue with drought conditions likely expanding across the region. The second week of October is forecast to be one of the driest of that same time period for the Corn Belt. While this is a negative for soil moisture and promotes drought expansion, the warm and dry weather will be favorable for harvest activities.



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