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Dry season sets in across Central Brazil

Poor soil moistures threaten safrinha crop yields.

Brazil’s dry season has set in across central portions of the country, a little early due, in part, to the continuation of La Niña. The early onset of the dry season brings concerns for the second corn crop as soil moistures may not be sufficient to carry the crop through to a healthy harvest. Showers do, however, remain in the forecast for far southern Brazil in the final week of April 2022 but may miss the larger safrinha-producing regions.

The third week of April, week-ending April 23, 2022, was one of the driest of the past 30 years in Goiás, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, and Minas Gerais. Meanwhile, precipitation trended closer to normal in Paraná and wetter than normal a little farther south.

In the final full week of April, week-ending April 30, 2022, dry weather will prevail across a large chunk of Brazil. Wetter conditions will be reserved to far southern states, like Rio Grande do Sul. According to data from WeatherTrends360, this will be one of the driest ends to April in 30+ years across Central Brazil.

A map of Brazil's weather patterns

This is bad news as soil moisture conditions were already poor and Brazil is entering the dry season. Crops need soil moisture to carry them through the dry season, but this year many areas of Central Brazil will be left high and dry. 

Looking at April 2022 as a whole, according to data from WeatherTrends360, this will end up being the third driest month of April in 30+ years for the major-producing state of Mato Grosso. Wetter conditions could be found farther south in Parana where this was the eleventh wettest April in 30+ years.



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