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Early August brings heat back to the Corn Belt

Below normal precipitation combined with excessive heat will put crops at risk.

The final week of July brought a reprieve from hot weather for most of the Corn Belt. In fact, this was the 11th coolest final week of July, week-ending July 30, in 30+ years for the region, according to WeatherTrends360. Precipitation was a bit more mixed with heavy rain in a swath from about Colorado to West Virginia with drier than normal conditions to the north and south of this corridor. Record rainfall brought destructive flooding near St. Louis earlier in the week and eastern Kentucky later in the week.

As the calendar transitions to August, there will also be a transition in the weather pattern as hotter weather returns with another heat wave likely. The first week of August, week-ending August 6, is forecast to be one of the hottest in 30+ years for the Corn Belt, according to forecasts from WeatherTrends360. Temperatures could hit the triple digits in northern and western portions of the Corn Belt.

wt360 US forecast 073122 to 080622

Precipitation is expected to trend drier than normal for the Corn Belt as a whole in the first week of August. The eastern Corn Belt will continue to see the best chances of rain while the western Corn Belt remains dry. In between, rainfall will be hit-or-miss. The hot weather will only increase evapotranspiration rates, putting crops at risk, especially in areas that are in drought from the western Corn Belt into parts of Iowa.



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