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Little Moisture Now, but Rain Expected During Harvest

“There’s not a lot of rain in the upcoming forecast,” says Dale Mohler, senior Accuweather agricultural meteorologist. “In fact, it seems like the pathway where rains will be most prominent in the next few weeks is south of the Corn Belt.”

Although without rain, crops shouldn’t be burning up in the fields due to heat for a bit. 

The Next Two Weeks

On Wednesday night through Thursday, the western part of the Corn Belt has a shot at some rain — but not all that much. Mohler is predicting that only about 50% of the Belt will see rain and will get just 0.3 to 0.8 inch. The eastern section of the Belt may catch the tail end of that system on Thursday or Friday. 

The rest of this week and early next week should be full of the mild heat that much of the Midwest has been experiencing lately — highs in the 70s and low to mid 80s. 

“A weak front in the middle of next week could bring some widely separated rains to the Midwest,” Mohler says, noting that he doesn’t expect to see enough rain to really help the crops. 

Later next week, temperatures will climb back up bringing highs in the mid to upper 80s with overnight temperatures still in the 60s. 

Next weekend, scattered rains may move over the Corn Belt. The western portion of the Belt could see rainfall on August 19 and 20, as the eastern section will have to wait until August 21 and 22. 

Looking to #Harvest17

Mohler isn’t forecasting much rain in August, but he does see a pretty good chance for some significant rain in his early harvest forecast. 

“We’re concerned about a week or two period sometime during the harvest, like late September or October,” says Mohler.

Although that predicted week or two of rain will likely slow down harvest a bit, Mohler feels pretty good about the harvest forecast overall. “In general, I think that things will be favorable this fall,” he says.

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