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Plenty of Rain Is Coming, But Not to the Dry Dakotas

Temperatures will be a little warmer with a little higher humidity over the next few days, but rain is heading toward the Midwest in full force. “A lot of the deficit of rain this year will be erased over the next few days,” says senior AccuWeather meteorologist Dale Mohler.

Replenishing Dry Soils

With rain coming through tonight through tomorrow, then Thursday night through Friday morning, and pretty heavy rainfall Sunday night into Monday, areas that previously were wishing for rain will get what they hoped for. 

“In some places, there could be some pretty heavy rains where it’s been dry,” says Mohler. “In small areas, it might be excessive.”

One of those small areas is southwest Iowa and eastern Nebraska where as much as 4 inches of rain may fall between the three rain events coming through in the next seven days. Mohler isn’t too concerned about flooding in these areas, but if the storms produce more rain than he anticipates, flooding could come into play. 

Temperatures should drop back down to a comfortable cool this weekend, but not as cool as the temperatures being experienced recently. After the Fourth of July, temperatures should climb a bit back into a normal range. Starting in the western Midwest, temperatures will shift into the 80s again. 

“Later next week, there could be scattered thunderstorms Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but I’m skeptical,” says Mohler. If there are thunderstorms, he believes they’ll be scattered from Missouri to Ohio bringing an inch or less of rain. 

The week after the Fourth (7/10 to 7/16) looks HOT and drier than normal. “It shouldn’t be a big problem for the corn crop to get through OK, but if it gets a little hotter and drier, I’d be concerned,” Mohler says. He does admit that the heat could shift to have less of an impact on the Midwest in the coming week or so. 

The Dakotas

North and South Dakota (as well as Montana) are the colorful spots lighting up the Midwest on the U.S. Drought Monitor. It’s already dry and the states aren’t necessarily getting replenished moisture like other dry parts of the Midwest. 

Tonight into tomorrow, the eastern parts of North and South Dakota will likely get 0.5 to 1 inch of rain. The second round of rainfall that will hit Thursday night into Friday will hardly impact the Dakotas, which pretty much wraps up the rain that the states will get for a bit. 

“Southeast South Dakota might get a bit of rain during that third round, but it might barely clip that corner,” Mohler says. “There won’t be enough rain to erase the deficit.”

After the Fourth of July, temperatures will rise in the Dakotas into the mid to upper 90s. By the weekend, though, temperatures should start to cool off and offer an opportunity for a bit of rainfall. 

The week of July 17 should bring the states below-normal rainfall and above-normal temperatures. 

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