Prepare and protect your private wells for extreme weather

Here are National Ground Water Association Recommendations.

According to the National Ground Water Association (NGWA), more than 750,000 private wells were affected by hurricanes and flooding last year. As flooding and drought continue to be concerns in 2020, the NGWA urges all private well owners to prepare water wells for the potential of extreme weather conditions moving forward.

The flooding of water well systems can lead to permanent system damage and the possibility of water contamination. Exposure to E. coli, coliform, and other pathogenic microbes from human and animal fecal matter have occurred following major flooding events.

Private wells that are susceptible to flooding or potential contamination include:

  • Wells that are older and completed in areas now designated as floodplains.
  • Wells in which the casing is not finished above the high-water level.
  • Wells not adequately capped or sealed, or older wells with shallow grout or insufficient surface seal.
  • Wells in areas structurally unstable, or where previous erosion or subsidence has compromised the structure and landform.

National Groundwater Association

For more information on water well safety and maintenance, visit or find more details on how to Test, Tend & Treat your water well system.

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