Rainfall deficit in Brazil continues to be a major concern

Dry weather continues for many during critical period for Brazil crops.

Rainfall was spotty over the seven-day period from November 20-26 across Brazil and Argentina. This is not an encouraging signal as we are in the midst of a critical period and lacking rainfall will quickly build stress for corn and soybean growing areas in Brazil. Looking ahead in the short term as we wrap up November and begin December, rainfall chances look to improve for portions of Argentina’s soybean growing region into southern Brazil, but rainfall deficits will continue across a large area of Brazil.

For the seven-day period of November 27 to December 3, precipitation will be well below normal in Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Goias, Minas Gerais, and Bahia. Meanwhile, southern Brazil will see greater chances of showers. Long-range forecast models suggest a slight moisture improvement for southern Brazil, however, timing of the rainfall will be almost as important as quantity. Additionally, the northwest corner of the state of Sao Paulo looks to remain very dry, which could have significant implications for Brazil’s sugarcane crop.


Showery weather will extend down into Argentina’s soybean growing regions. Wetter weather should help to improve moisture across the region, something that has been lacking across this area recently. Looking long term, conditions may improve a bit for the harder hit soybean growing areas of Argentina, west of Buenos Aires.



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