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SW Corn Belt Will Have to Wait for Rain

Dale Mohler is under pressure. As the senior Accuweather agricultural meteorologist, he’s getting calls from a lot of desperate people wanting to know when thirsty crops will get rain. 

The answer? Most of Minnesota, the eastern Dakotas, Wisconsin, northern Illinois, and northeast Iowa will get 1 to 3 inches over the period of Wednesday through Saturday, but not in one big storm. Smaller systems will come through, but a substantial one should hit Thursday night into Friday. 

Anywhere southwest of that area will be dry for the remainder of the week and can expect to see rain later on Wednesday or Thursday of next week. There is good news, though. 

“Over the weekend it will cool off and may drop about 10°F. with cooler nights,” Mohler says. “That should be a little more permanent.”

Mohler doesn’t expect the heat to kick back in right away after the drop. In August, he can predict some warmer periods again, but for now, temperatures will be more tolerable after the weekend.

“For the remainder of the month, temperatures should stay close to normal for most of the Belt,” says Mohler. “But maybe a little above in the south and west.”

In the eastern part of the Belt, temperatures should stay in the 70s/80s on cooler days and low 90s on the hottest days for the next week. 

Later this weekend through the first half of next week, pretty much every field in every state will be without rain, according to Mohler.

Early August Predictions

When August rolls around, Mohler thinks the western Belt and eastern states like Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky will still be experiencing a little warmer than average temperatures. 

“Rainfall in August will be somewhat variable,” says Mohler. “Probably 75% to 100% of normal rainfall.”

Areas like eastern Minnesota, Wisconsin, through Ohio are most likely to catch the full normal amount of rainfall. Missouri and the southwestern part of the Belt have a lesser chance of getting their average of amount of August rainfall.

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