Temperatures fluctuate but dry pattern continues

Warmer then colder in the Corn Belt but dry pattern staying firm.

The harvest season continues to unfold with few weather challenges in the Corn Belt. In fact, the first eight days of October 2020 were the sixth driest in 29-plus years for the Corn Belt. However, the continued dry weather pattern presents some challenges for seeding of winter crops and has deepened the drought in some areas. As we look ahead to the middle of October, temperatures will be on a roller-coaster ride, and while there are some chances of precipitation, the overall trend will be drier than normal.

The period from October 9 through 15 will be one of the warmest such periods of the past 29 years for the Corn Belt as a whole. A cold front will move through around October 11 and 12bringing the chance of some rain in the first widespread precipitation event in weeks for the region. Precipitation amounts will be modest and will do little to quench thirsty soils, but any rain at this point is welcome. Additionally, there is a marginal severe weather threat with the passage of this cold front with the primary threat being isolated severe wind gusts, especially in the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest.


As we head into the second half of October, we’ll see a larger threat of frost and freezes in the Corn Belt. The period from October 16 to 22 will be the ninth coldest in more than 29 years for the Corn Belt. While temperatures will be transitioning from warmer to colder than normal, the overall dry precipitation pattern is expected to continue.



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