Unseasonably warm start to November

The weathertrends360 team share their seven-day forecast for the Corn Belt.

Though October ended on a much colder-than-normal note across the central U.S., a wholesale change has occurred for early November. While cold may have lingered in portions of the Midwest during the first couple days of November, much warmer-than-normal trends spread into the Plains to start the month, reaching the Midwest by Tuesday.

The first seven days of November were much warmer than normal, trending 10°F. to 15°F. above average for a large swath of the north-central U.S. For the U.S. Corn Belt as a whole, this has been the fifth-warmest start to November in 29-plus years. Temperatures have also trended significantly warmer than early November 2019, which was the third coldest start to November in over 29 years for the Corn Belt. Many in the region will have seen a year-on-year increase in temperature of more than 15°F.

In conjunction with these very warm trends, the start to the month has been dry across the Corn Belt. This was actually the driest start to the month in more than 29 years, with only minimal amounts of rainfall reported for the week. These trends will have been very favorable for harvest efforts. But all good things come to an end, and the second week of November looks to see a return of the colder trends. By Tuesday, November 10, temperatures are expected to see a significant drop across the central U.S., once again falling well below normal.



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