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Bayer Unveils its 2020 Pricing Incentive Program

Company officials say Bayer Plus Rewards program expands options and more cash incentives

Bayer has announced its 2020 Bayer Plus Rewards program that firm officials say offer expanded options of crop protection products to choose from, more flexibility and more cash incentives. 
The new program brings together a broader portfolio of Bayer products, including seed, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. The program also increases transparency by offering participants a timely look at incentives earned, along with more control over how incentives are redeemed, says Bayer officials. 
“We’re working with retailers to provide growers the opportunity to choose from a broad portfolio of products. Bayer Plus Rewards is driven by smart agronomic decisions, and we’ll continue to work with our growers and retailers to put the right product on the right acre,” said Leticia Goncalves, U.S. crop science country division head for Bayer in a Bayer news release. “Our broad portfolio, combined with rewards, will provide our loyal customers the flexibility to choose products that will provide them the greatest chance for success on their farms.”
Bayer Plus Rewards replaces the Roundup Ready Plus program, as well as Bayer Innovation Plus, for 2020. Starting with any two qualifying products, farmers begin earning $3 per acre, and build additional cash back on every subsequent qualifying product they purchase, according to Bayer officials
Additionally, farmers have the opportunity to earn $2 per acre on any Roundup brand agricultural herbicide when paired with another qualifying herbicide, plus an additional $2 per acre when XtendiMax herbicide with VaporGrip Technology is paired with a Roundup herbicide and an additional qualifying herbicide. Once earning from either base incentive option, farmers have the opportunity to earn $.50 per acre on additional Bayer products. 

Customers may access a portal for purchase history, along with updated incentive totals and redemption options, says Bayer officials. Program participants can control how and when they redeem incentives by choosing a “cash-out” option early in the season, once a minimum incentives total is achieved. They can also work with their retailer to direct incentives toward future seed or chemistry purchases. 
Farmers can visit to activate their account and register for the program. 

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