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China Grants Regulatory Approval of TruFlex Canola With Roundup Ready Technology

Farmers will have access to new varieties in time for 2019 spring planting, say Bayer officials.

Today’s GMO ruling by China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) also will enable Canadian and U.S. canola farmers to access Bayer’s next-generation canola trait. MARA has granted safety certificate approval for the import and food/feed use of TruFlex canola with Roundup Ready technology (MON88302), say Bayer officials. MARA has notified Bayer that a safety certificate for TruFlex canola has been granted. 
“After five years of waiting to introduce this product to Canadian and U.S. farmers, we are thrilled to move forward with commercialization in 2019,” said Jon Riley, trait launch lead with Bayer, in a company news release. “Farmers want, and need, new technology to help drive yield on their farms and they are looking forward to planting TruFlex canola this coming season.”
TruFlex canola is part of an improved canola system compared to Genuity Roundup Ready canola and is designed for a range of growing conditions, say Bayer officials. Among the benefits over Bayer’s current technology are:
  • Improved control of tough weeds. The TruFlex canola system allows for the control of a broad spectrum of tough-to-control weeds including cleavers, foxtail barley, and wild buckwheat, say Bayer officials. It also helps enable season-long dandelion control.
  • Flexibility in spray rates and timing. The TruFlex canola system has a wider application window, providing farmers with up to 10 to 14 more spray days than our current technology. And by enabling flexible application rates, it will help farmers choose the right rate for the unique weed challenges they face on their farms.
  • Higher yield potential through genetics and improved crop safety. New genetics help deliver higher yield potential, and the improved crop system delivers better weed control and crop safety over Genuity Roundup Ready canola.
 Stewarded plot trials and field demonstrations took place at several locations across western Canada last summer to allow farmers to see the performance of TruFlex canola in the field and drive preorders from farmers across western Canada. 
Bayer expects TruFlex canola will be planted on approximately 1 million acres in its inaugural season and will be offered in both the company’s DeKalb seed brand and from other Canadian licensees, including Nutrien Ag Solutions and Canterra Seeds. 
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Health Canada granted full food, feed and environmental safety approval of TruFlex canola in June 2012, and the product has been approved for import in several export markets. Securing import approval from China – Canada’s largest export market for canola – further enables our 2019 commercialization plans, say Bayer officials. 
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